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Holidays are meant to be experienced, not lived through a lens.  You’ve worked hard to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. Whether it’s a safari, private yacht, European vacation or a private jet around the world, our team of highly skilled filmmaker/photographers take the hassle out of documenting your holiday.  We are there 24/7 with cameras at the ready to capture the moments you cherish most. 


Who is this for? 

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Family Vacations

We understand that time with your family is precious, so take the hassle of photography out of the equation.  You can sit back and relax while a professional photographer captures the experience, while you live it. 



Whether its a team building experiences, a retreat or missions we can make sure that you get the images you need for annual reports, social responsibility or other initiatives within the company.  

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If you're looking for something new and want to update your image library we off a variety of solutions.  From travelling with your guests on your popular itineraries, stock imagery trips to setting up location shoots with models.  


 Professional videos:

Professional videos:

Since we will be photographing and filming throughout the adventure, you’ll have a professionally produced/edited video to share. Short videos or a long film... it's all up to you. 


 Photo Galleries:

Photo Galleries:

These photos are yours, no fees no hidden licensing.  Hundreds of beautiful images or your family enjoying a holiday. We provide a secure link for you to download, share and print at your convenience. 

 Photo Books:

Photo Books:

Your images will be carefully selected by our graphic designers to create a personalized book of your family holiday. 


WE ALSO OFFER Personalised courses + Training 



While on your trip of a lifetime, you'll have a pro on standby to help out with any issues, but more importantly help you get the most out of your camera.  Whether you just bought a new camera and want to learn the ins/out of it, we know our stuff and we’re happy to help. 



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To have a personal photographer (especially if the photographer is Justin) added a great value to the trip!
We did not need to worry about taking pictures, so can pay more attention to explanations of the guides and appreciate the experience. It makes the trip even more fun. A photographer makes a trip more light,and easy going.
— Susana
It was wonderful and reassuring to know our photographer would capture the breathtaking imagines we missed. The memories and camaraderie we shared will now live on!
— Anita Maxwell
Taking pictures on my holiday is always important for me. I wanted to capture the moments so that I can share with my family and friends and the books were incredible. I’ve traveled a lot and this is the first time I had a personal photographer. My friends were impressed when I told them we had a professional photographer along.
— Benny and Ruby Lau
The added value of having Justin Weiler on our trip is immeasurable. Justin gave us the freedom to fully enjoy each moment without worrying about taking photos and recording every activity. Justin Weiler was a friend not an intrusion. He photographed the entire trip and captured all of the spectacular spots we visited and the special moments shared with fellow travelers. Having a personal photographer made our trip far superior to other trips we have experienced.
Through the customised book, we are able to relive our trip and share with friends and family. The large beautiful
picture book we received is a priceless treasure. We are moving so fast during our trip and we don’t want to forget all of the many wonderful moments. We would not have half of the photos or memories of our trip without Justin Weiler’s professionalism and hard work.
— Marsha Moore
Having a personal photographer like Justin with us guaranteed that we’d have the best pictures possible that would later allow us to relive those moments and those feelings over & over again - that’s priceless! Having a personal photographer along is a huge differentiator from other luxury travel companies and spoils you very quickly.

We were able to be so much more mindful of the people, culture and our surroundings during the trip. Instead of thinking we had to constantly take pictures ourselves so we could remember that moment, we actually got to be in the moment and experience those amazing sights and events more fully.

There continues to be an impact from having a personal photographer on our trip. One year later, we still look at the book as well as the many photos of Justin’s we had framed. They are a constant reminder of a fabulous trip and bring back such wonderful memories of the people we met & places we saw. It’s like being on the trip all over again and is a wonderful feeling!

Many companies offer high-end/luxury journeys with similar events, places and amenities, but a personal photographer just makes the trip so much more enjoyable and memorable. We came to rely on our photographer for capturing all the fabulous moments we had and he came through every time.
— Tom & Sharon Haverstock
It should be a staple for the trip because it is one more perk, one more bonus and one more luxury that makes these trips truly “the trip of a lifetime.”
— Mary Anne Pinkerton
It was relaxing to know that Justin was there to record so many events during the many days of the trip. The book was magnificent! Sharing the comprehensive scope of the trip with family and friends would be diminished without having a professional photographer.
— Janet Gorth
We’ve thought about you a lot recently as we have been showing off our lovely personalized book from the last trip. We are huge fans. We loved having you on our trip this time, for some obvious and some not so obvious reasons.
Our favorite mementos were the personalized album and the video. It captured so much of the spirit of the trip and was just long enough to make us want to watch it over and over.
These trips keep getting better and better. You are one good reason why.
We send you best wishes for a great year ahead.
— Kathy and Fred Schultz