Great Bloggers are Gold Dust!

A decade ago Arthur Brisbane famously said “Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words" and over the course of my journalism studies at the University of Oregon, I couldn’t agree more.  I craved the craft of photography. It was a journey… the time, the people and the chase for good light was always an adventure.  Why would I want to hunker down with a pen and paper, when I could be out experiencing the stories. I can’t lie… anything that got me out of writing class was warmly welcome.  

After college, technology shifted a bit and I was jumping for joy! Everything I needed share great stories could fit in a pack back!  Cameras, laptop and hard drives…  I thought for a split second, I wouldn’t have to write a single word for the rest of my career, but oh how I was wrong and completely naive.  

Great storytellers have painted pictures of far away places for hundreds of years using imagination and carefully crafted paragraphs. They didn’t need photos or videos, they could steal our hearts and minds with words!  I loved hearing them and reading them, but for some reason writing them wasn’t my cup of tea.  I figured the the power of imagery would trump the written word any day, especially since every image was worth a thousand words.  

When I started working in the travel industry with writers, I got a bit flustered.  While I was on a shoot for Hilton Hawaii sweating bullets running around capturing photos + videos, the writers were soaking up the experience and relaxing with a cocktail in hand.  “Why didn’t they have to work as hards as me?,” I thought to myself, but three years on and a much better understanding of the industry… I was wrong again.  They were working, I just didn’t see it.  Their countless hours of scribbling, crinkled papers and deleted drafts all happened behind closed doors.  

Over the years I’ve learned that the art of writing and the power of a well crafted story is priceless.  "Bloggers are game changers," says Forbes Magazine and are the laying the foundation of a framework that will house content for years to come. With every word they are sifting, sorting and organizing the internet, so it’s perfectly packaged for magazines, news articles and the next wave of storytelling. So my hats off to you all and a belated thank you for all your hard work!  Great writers are gold dust! 

Visual storytelling has always resonated with me.  It’s beautiful, emotionally engaging and leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside when done well, however when those skills are blended with craftsmanship of writers and the written word… it’s absolutely magical. 

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