Q&A with Eric Parker

Eric Parker, amateur photographer

Personal site http://thestreetzine.blogspot.ca/
Twitter ericpsarangi
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What’s your favorite country to visit? Why?

India — I've been visiting India regularly since 1965 and it never ceases to amaze, frustrate, inspire and educate me. It is always rich in every sense — emotional, technological and social.

Favorite travel photograph you’ve taken?

It was in Florence.
I was walking with my wife through a busy square and this trio suddenly whizzed by — because I always have my camera in hand, with finger on the trigger, I swung, panned and got off three shots — only one was not motion blurred.

What’s the best part of carrying your DSLR when on the road?
Having a camera constantly at the ready allows me to grab a shot the moment the scene attracts me, as well as getting home to savour it all.
For me, travel is extremely stressful, and getting home to really see where I've been is crucial.


Camera(s) you use:
Nikon D500 and D7000

Favorite lens(es):
35 mm prime — street
18-200 — walkabout

Five accessories you never travel without:
I carry virtually no accessories, no flash, no tripod, no extra lenses.
Slingshot bag is great, but never big enough for gear and lunch.

Magazines/websites you visit for inspiration:
Black and white mag
Sartorialist blog
Stephen Bulger gallery site
ICP NY site
MOCCA site

What is your current project all about?

People on the street.

Top tips for photographers/videographers?

Always carry your camera, turned on, no lens cap, finger ready to click. I shoot almost all my shots without framing through viewfinder or LCD. Shoot blind, shoot lots, edit later.

Travel sites you use?
I do most of my research on YouTube.