Q&A with Guru Khalsa

Guru Khalsa, professional photographer/videographer

Personal site: http://campfire-creative.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gurufoto

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/campfirecreative

Smugmug: http://gurufoto.smugmug.com/

What’s your favorite country to visit? Why?
My favorite country is always the one I am in currently. The world is such a diverse and inspiring place, I feel like everywhere you turn there is another amazing story to share with imagery.

But, if I had to pick a place that has a special place in my imagination, it would be Costa Rica. From the amazing ceviche and landscapes to the Pura Vida lifestyle, Costa Rica is full of life and adventure.

Favorite travel photograph you’ve taken?

 I was commissioned to travel to Ireland with my team and document a wedding with photos and a video. We took the opportunity to start a project called “Aging in Isolation” there. We teamed up with a local community resource center and drove around rural Ireland interviewing the most amazing characters for a couple days.

The woman in the photograph to the right had lost her husband a year before I took her portrait. She lives with her cats in a desolate place. When I travel, I focus on the people, not the landscapes — they tell the stories of a place.


What’s the best part of carrying your DSLR when on the road?
Anything worth doing is worth documenting — and no adventure is complete unless shared. The camera opens doors. It creates windows for others to see through your eyes.


Camera(s) you use:
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Favorite lens(es):
50mm 1.2

Five accessories you never travel without:
MKE 400 mic
580EX II Speedlite flash
Think Tank Bag

Magazines/websites you visit for inspiration:
Facebook. My friends and I follow each others’ adventures all over the world. We post the art we create and virtually high five each other.

Being inspired by your community is always the best. With the amount of media out there, it helps me get excited when I know the person who created it. It also feeds my competitive spirit of wanting to one up them.

What is your current project all about?
I’m working on developing the Media Guide program for Campfire Creative. Media Guides work with film and photography and connect with nonprofits and organizations around the world — such as Walking Tree Travel — to document people’s journeys and stories. This helps with marketing and funding for programs while raising awareness and social responsibility.

Top tips for photographers/videographers?
Don't slow down. Always say, "Yes, if..." Being there is the secret to success.

Travel sites you use?
Expedia, Kayak